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Forum Medical Clinic

Nestled in a cozy and welcoming environment, takes pride in its comprehensive, integrative approach to patient care. Collaborating with other health practitioners, We deliver highly personalized solutions. Our philosophy centers around patient empowerment and shared decision-making, ensuring achievable targets and sustainable lifestyle changes

Our Services

Men’s Health

Men’s Health at Forum Clinic: Forum Clinic prioritizes men’s health, offering routine checkups and a…

Women’s Health

Women’s Health: Women’s Health Services at Forum Clinic: Forum Clinic recognizes the unique needs of…

Family Medicine

Family Medicine at Forum Clinic: Forum Clinic’s Family Medicine department serves as the cornerstone of…

Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine at Forum Clinic: Forum Clinic’s Preventive Medicine team emphasizes the importance of proactive…

Mental Health

Mental Health: A healthy mind is integral to our overall health. Certain micronutrients could affect…

Child Health

Child Health: Children deserve specialized care. At Forum Medical Clinic, our doctors provide comprehensive health…

Health Screening

Health Screening: Regular health screenings are crucial for early detection of health issues, enabling timely…

Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine: Beyond treating symptoms, we believe that it is important to delve into the…

What our Customer Say?

Team Member

Forum Clinic’s Dedicated Team

As a cohesive unit, the Forum Clinic team is committed to delivering exceptional healthcare services to the community. Our shared values include compassion, expertise, and a holistic approach to well-being. From skilled staff to accomplished doctors, each member plays a vital role in ensuring personalized care for every patient. At Forum Clinic, patients are not just patients; they become part of a health-focused family.

Meet the team

1) Fiza: A highly experienced clinic nurse known for her kindness and compassion.

2) Winnee: The friendly and ever-helpful clinic manager with extensive experience in clinic administration.

3) Sabariah: The ever-helpful health executive who consistently goes above and beyond to assist patients.

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